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Where even the most challenging routes are easy to find and conquer

Hey. We’re Huli. Explorers. Cyclists. Seekers. Pathfinders. Trailblazers. And we want you to join us. We want you to help us build a community with a difference. A community that works together to create a cycle route planner with a difference. A cycle route planner that works harder for you.

At Huli we’ve been up close and personal with the likes of STRAVA, RideWithGPS and Komoot since they were born. But we want more. When we engage with a cycle route planner, we expect more. To get the most from our cycling, we need more, and we know you do too. That’s why we want to make Huli a game changer. And we want you to be part of it.  

A cycle route planner with a difference

Great adventures come from great route planning. As a fellow explorer you know that. That’s why you want a cycle route planner that goes the extra mile, a cycle route planner that doesn’t just take you from where you are to where you want to go and back again. In your mind, the ideal route planner would take its lead from you, but also provide you with options you didn’t know existed. Huli is a cycle route planner that gives you a whole host of options so you can choose the route that’s best for you – for your mood, for your day, for your life.

With Huli, you just set your start and end points (the same or different – it’s up to you – after all, you’re the explorer); tell Huli how far you want to go; the elevation you want and how long you’ve got. One click and Huli does the rest. 

Spend less time planning and more time exploring

When you’ve completed your ride, upload your chosen route back into, Huli and let us make your next adventure even more personal. The more we work together, the more Huli gets to know what you like and what you like to avoid. The more routes you upload back into Huli, the more accurate it becomes. We think you’ll like this way of planning your routes. No. We know you’ll love this way of covering new ground. Choose your route, download to your device and you’re off. 

Choosing Huli means less time planning and more time exploring. The more you ask of it, the more you get in return. 

Become a Huli Trailblazer* and get the chance to enjoy Huli Premium for a full year and PAY NOTHING

And the great news is that you can join our exclusive Trailblazer Community and get in on the act. Yes, we want you on the inside track. 

We know there are bugs in Huli and we challenge you to find them. Nothing is perfect, especially at launch, so we want you to help us make it awesome.  

We’ll give you one year’s Premium Membership Completely FREE, if you agree to use Huli as much as possible and provide all the colourful feedback you can.  During that year, we’ll throw out route planning challenges and ask you to tell us how you get on. As a one of our Trailblazers, you’ll help shape our future by telling us how Huli is for you; how we can make it better and where we should be going next. 

We invite you to join us and become one of our Huli Trailblazers now.

*Restrictions apply. See full details on the sign up page.

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