Variety is the spice of regular Route Planning

Same loop, different day?

We all have a few local loops that we know we can rely on for a quick blast when time allows. These routes become known to us largely through trial and error. Being creatures of habit, once we find them, we keep using them regularly. However, mixing things up within your local area can be extremely rewarding and means you can avoid the dreaded ‘route fatigue’. This is where the Huli Route Planner becomes a great companion. Huli can regularly provide you with a choice of new and exciting routes to keep you interested.

We love the thrill of exploration and we chase it all the time. Maybe you do too? And by exploration, we don’t just mean the rush you get when you’ve conquered a new mountain. It can also be the satisfaction found when turning a bend to discover a car-free, glassy-smooth road to meander easily along. Perhaps for you, exploration means finding a new stretch of single-track with berms and drops in all the right places. Just enough variety to keep things flowing along nicely. Keeping things fresh and exciting means keeping things fun - and let's be honest, that's what cycling is all about, isn’t it?

Quite often we will also use our local routes to help us get in shape for an upcoming race or event. One of the future plans that we have for Huli is to create bespoke training plans for our users to help them achieve their goals. By acting as a personal trainer, Huli will be ready to help you build up to a race or fitness goal by delivering a personalised set of weekly routes that will help build fitness. Always different and always interesting. For example, these may be a mix of hill sessions, speed sessions or long-distance routes that gradually help build strength and endurance. Even better, you will be able to take your personal trainer with you wherever you are - if you are in your local area, away with work, on holiday etc. Huli will be there to find the best routes and help you train.

With Huli, all you need is a starting point and an idea of how far you want to go - Huli will give you some great options. And the best thing is, the more you use it, the more personalised your recommendations will become.

Scottish Beta Testers Wanted

Are you a keen cyclist based in Scotland? Would you be willing to road test Huli and provide us with some helpful feedback? If so, we’d be delighted to welcome you to our community. For a limited period only, we are offering FREE membership and the opportunity for you to help shape Huli’s future. Sign up here and let’s get things moving.