Last Chance to Road Test Huli Cycle Route Planner for Free

Over the past six weeks, hundreds of Scotland’s amazing cyclists have been road testing Huli Route Planner for free. The response has been nothing short of incredible and the feedback that our ‘Trailblazers’ have provided has been, quite frankly, invaluable. As we look to ready and refine Huli for a wider launch, this initiative has helped us to identify the things we are doing well so far, and more importantly, what still needs improvement.

Being keen cyclists ourselves, you could say we were keen to ditch the stabilisers before we were quite ready. However, in the not too distant future, Huli will be opened up to include mountain biking, running, walking and hiking. The time and effort that Scotland’s cyclists have been putting into this testing phase will really help us to do that.

In return for the time and effort that our Trailblazers have been putting in we will be rewarding them with a year’s Huli premium membership once our enhanced features are available. More importantly, they’ve got the opportunity to help shape the future of Route Planning as we envisage it. Remember, with Huli, we’re offering a faster, simpler way to plan routes, in a way that meets the needs of the community. Once you’ve added a few basic preferences, Huli provides routes that meet your needs. It means you spend less time planning and more time doing what you love.

Time is running out to become a Trailblazer

Our free membership offer ends on 31st October 2019. So, if you’re based in Scotland and would like access to Huli’s full features in the future, free of charge for 1 year, there are just a few more weeks left to sign up.

Remember, we have only opened this up to Scotland’s cyclists for now, so don’t forget to share it with friends too. The more of your feedback we receive, the better Huli will be for everyone.

Ready to put Huli through its paces? 

Take advantage of this offer now and provide us with some helpful feedback, we’d be delighted to welcome you.

Join us here and let’s revolutionise Route Planning together.